Prepared & Resolved

The Strategic Agenda for

Growth, Performance and Change

By Daniel Wolf

Prepared and Resolved shares a practical framework and a cultural mindset for making strategy happen in organizations.

Executives and boards deal with many concerns in the development and advancement of strategy …

Strategy Direction

Focus & Choices

Strategy Integration

Priorities & Resources

Strategy Execution

Action & Impact

Prepared and Resolved redefines leadership and management in terms of strategic thought and behavior.

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Meet The Author

Daniel Wolf is the President and CEO of Dewar Sloan, a consulting practice that is focused on growth, performance and change. His broad corporate experience includes management roles in Fortune 500 companies, SME ventures and private equity groups.

Dan and his team serve the interests of corporate, healthcare and nonprofit clients with programs and counsel on:

  • Connecting Strategy Across Organizations
  • Matching Opportunities and Alternatives
  • Effective Strategic Thought and Behavior
  • Building Strategic Capacity and Resources
  • Cultural Elements of the Strategic Agenda 

Dan has significant board-level experience serving in board leadership roles with corporate, healthcare and nonprofit organization, including seed-accelerators and ventures.

He is a regular presenter and panelist with subject matter expertise from current research on strategy and governance, organization, culture and strategy leadership and management.

“Unlike most business books, Prepared & Resolved shows executives how to envision a future… helping their employees see the future in a way that is connected and whole.”

Dan Beckam,
The Beckham Company

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