May 10, 2016

Dual-Dynamic Strategy

The dual-dynamic nature of strategy leadership and management is explored in new program work from Dewar Sloan. Our research over more than two decades has expanded on the importance of strategic readiness and persistence over time as a framework for growth, performance and change. Contemporary planning, decision making, risk management and problem solving is better served by adept leadership and management that focuses on the variable nature of Dual-Dynamic Strategy …

  • Both the Near-Term and the Long-Term
    • Starting with taking care of today, getting ready for tomorrow
  • Both the Core Business and Adjacent or Next Business
    • Starting with the focused core business, responding on the frontiers
  • Both the Offensive Moves and the Defensive Moves
    • Starting with minding the business, then shaping forward options
  • Both the Aspiration and the Navigation
    • Starting with why and what, advancing with who and how

There are natural tensions in each of the above, and in Dual-Dynamic Strategy, the broader task of management and leadership is to cultivate these tensions in a productive balance of focus, attention, perspective and motion. These tensions serve to provoke and support the kind of conversations that drive strategic and economic value creation.