When we wrote Prepared and Resolved we had plenty of raw material to work with. Executives reflected on their challenges and concerns with strategy formation and execution. Managers shared their experience. Board members provided their perspectives and their intentions…

We developed a practical framework for making strategy happen and that begins with the idea that people make strategy happen with …

  • Strategy Redefined in New School Terms
  • Engagement in Strategic Thought and Behavior
  • Strategy Leadership and Management Practice
  • Perspectives on the Near-Term and Long-Term
  • Expectations with Linkage to Accountability
  • Aspirations that are Sound and Relevant
  • Targets on Strategic and Economic Value
  • Sense of the “Natural Goals” of Business

Many organizations have adopted the ideas and elements of Prepared and Resolved as part of their framework for growth, performance and change … corporate, middle-market, venture, subsidiary, nonprofit and SME organizations have found ways to engage their leadership and management efforts with key themes in strategy direction, integration and execution.