May 11, 2016

Boards & Strategy

The evolving roles of boards and strategy are revealed in a new book by Daniel Wolf that is based on the foundations of Prepared and Resolved

Governing boards play a significant role in strategy formation, reflecting their attention to the creation of value for shareholders and stakeholders. Boards and Strategy provides a practical and effective framework for strategy, and a clear view for board members as well as executives. In a single, concise source, Boards and Strategy deals with:

  • The expectations and roles of boards relative to strategy
  • The assumptions that support planning and decision making
  • The challenges that engage risk management considerations
  • The appropriation of critical resources to strategic priorities
  • The resolution of marketplace and organizational challenges
  • The organization’s accountability for strategic progress

Excellence in board governance has different dimensions in terms of corporate compliance, operating performance and strategic development. This book tackles the dynamic and complex ground of strategy development in a clear and consistent manner, with a sense-making platform that respects the interfaces between the organization’s management processes and governance processes.

“ … Boards and Strategy delivers a compelling framework and a powerful model for shaping and advancing the organization’s strategic agenda …”

Elaine Wood
Governance Committee Chair, Munson Healthcare
and CEO, Networks Northwest